The future of precision farming.

Thanks to Themis Lab we have been able to develop an innovative solution in the field of precision agriculture inherent to the solid digestate produced from matrixes of zootechnical waste.

The objectives of the project entrusted to us are two: dehydration and granulation of the solid digestate and obtaining the dried product used for specific actions on plants and soil as biostimulants or high added value fertilizers.

The drying was carried out at a temperature of 45 ° C to preserve the quality characteristics of the final dried product. The first test phase showed a very short treatment time (2 hours) compared to the normal composting processes in use.

The final dried product was found to be easy to manage and handle while the distilled water obtained showed optimal values ​​for discharge into surface water bodies. During the evaporation and drying process it was possible to inoculate, in a simple way, some specific elements through the WRT system such as to enrich the product and make it suitable and ready for the soil for which it is to be used (precision agriculture).

The first successive tests, conducted in phytotron, capable of studying the reaction of the product obtained in different climatic and environmental conditions, demonstrate the value of the product obtained. The primary objective is the innovation of the agricultural model through the use of by-products to optimize production efficiency, product quality and profitability.

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