Customer Service

The very nature of the plants and products provided by Themis, innovative and very particular, requires us to establish with our customers from the beginning a special relationship of collaboration and maximum transparency. The service offered to the customer is at the centre of our entire marketing activity, which is based on a collaborative CRM model.

The "Themis WRT" machine, totally customized, requires a relationship with the new, decidedly particular customer potential: it is not a matter of offering a common "standardized" plant with predefined technical characteristics, but of studying together the critical aspects of the company in the management of the refusal to identify the optimal configuration of the machinery also with the support of our "Themis LAB" laboratory with "ad-hoc" testing sessions.

In this way we try to deal with the customer's problem and, where possible, we propose the best solution. In essence, our first approach turns into a sort of auditing-consultancy where first of all we get to know the waste generation and disposal process by making an inspection at the customer's plant, to then activate the technicians of our laboratory in order to verify the real opportunities to improve waste management through "Themis WRT" machinery.

Themis is a truly "marketing oriented" company, where total customer satisfaction is the primary objective.