Research & Development: the pillars of our activity.

The “Themis LAB” is active within our company, which is a laboratory specialized in carrying out specific tests and analyzes relating to the complex world of waste.

Thanks to this structure, we can provide a personalized consultancy and integrated study service on “waste management”, supporting our customers in the optimization of disposal processes, both in operational and economic terms.

Our goal is to identify innovative methods and techniques that can bring concrete benefits in the management and disposal of waste, with particular reference to industrial and agricultural sludge, wastewater and food waste.

THEMIS WRT technology has developed thanks to the support of the “Themis LAB” laboratory, which is also valuable for the study and development of multiple solutions applicable in the waste treatment sector and their enhancement.


Research & Development constitute the essence of Themis. It is only with an assiduous and continuous Research & Development activity that we can maintain a privileged position on the market, offering unique solutions with exceptional performance.


Themis stands out for its ability to propose innovative solutions able to respond effectively to the increasingly complex demands of the market.


In Themis, you will always find the best technological solutions and innovations, that is, advanced machinery with innovative and cutting-edge features.